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Welcome to Finch Group Ltd – Your Rawtenstall Roller Shutter Repair Specialist

Finch Group Ltd are the leading specialist roller shutter repair company across Rawtenstall covering all of Greater Manchester.

Our History

About Finch Group Ltd.

Welcome to Finch Group Ltd we are the specialist roller shutters in Rawtenstall and surrounding areas including all of Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

As a business owner you need to be confident that your premises and stock are secure behind your roller shutter door. To ensure that your premises are not left vulnerable Manchester Roller Shutters are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to repair any damage or faults your doors receive.

Our commitment to total customer satisfaction ensures that we provide a first class service, to keep your doors in good working condition, ensuring high efficiency and reliable operation. 99% of all repairs are carried out on the day we are notified. Sign up to our Annual Service Package and you’ll receive a 23 point service on all doors for FREE!!!

Our work is carried out by fully qualified and equipped, highly skilled service engineers, who have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and pride themselves on their quality workmanship. Thanks to our high performance team, repair and maintenance solutions are our daily priority.

We also supply and install a wide range of high quality roller shutters with full fitting and repair services in the Greater Manchester and Liverpool area. why not “Like” us in FaceBook and “Follow” us on Twitter to view daily examples of our work and you will be assured that hiring Manchester Roller Shutter Repairs is a sound investment for your business.

A Service You Can Recommend

Our work is carried out by fully qualified and equipped, highly skilled service engineers, who have a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and pride themselves on their quality workmanship. Thanks to our high performance team, repair and maintenance solutions are our daily priority.

We also supply and install a wide range of high quality roller shutters with full fitting and repair services in the Rawtenstall and Greater Manchester areas. Follow us on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to view daily examples of our work to give full assurance that hiring Finch Group Ltd is a sound investment for your business.

If you’d like to discuss your needs with one of the team, contact us on 0161 524 4377.

Our Services

Commercial Roller Shutters

Need help securing your commercial premises? Making sure that your products, stock and equipment are safe and secure is a priority for any business. We provide all services from window grills to security doors, contact us for more information.

High speed doors in Rawtenstall

With our High speed doors, come rain, hail, sleet or snow, or a hot summer day, these doors will hold their integrity and safety. You and your business will never have felt so protected. These High speed doors require minimal maintenance, but for insurance purposes we can carry out an annual inspection on request.

“Does my business need a High Speed Door?”

Businesses that would benefit from the installation of High Speed Doors, usually fall into one of two categories:

– Food storage/preparation, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Storage

Where your product has to be kept in a temperture controlled enviroment, when being subjected to a sudden rise/drop in temperature can cause deterioration of your product or stock, then a High Speed door is essential. A High Speed door will ensure that access or exit to the property is carried out quickly, safely and efficiently by completing it’s opening and closing cycle in the optimum time.

– Where security is an issue ie. high street traffic

If your premises are located in a busy thoroughfare a high speed door will ensure that your access is not left open for stock, product to be stolen or for any questionable parties to enter the building.

As with all our other products these High Speed doors require very little maintenance and for insurance purposes we can carry out an annual inspection.

Electric Gates in Rawtenstall

Automatic gates in Rawtenstall are used to control access into a secured area. Most commonly, automatic gates are used at the entrance to the facility, and are used to control vehicular access on and off of the site. For example, a manufacturing plant may use an automatic gate at its main entrance. All vehicles entering and exiting the plant must do so through the automatic gate. Automatic gates are also used at interior areas within a facility.

There are many accessories that may be used in conjunction with automatic gates. Some of these include:

  • Access control systems: Automatic gates can be operated by a variety of access control devices, including card readers, vehicle tag readers, digital keypads, and portable wireless transmitters. In most commercial installations, automatic gates are controlled by the same access control system that is used to control the entrance doors to the buildings, allowing the same access card to be used in both places.
  • Intercom systems: Intercom stations are often provided at automatic gates to give visitors and delivery drivers a means to contact someone inside the facility when the gate is closed. Most of these systems will allow the gate to be remotely opened by someone inside the facility once the visitor’s identity has been verified.
  • Video surveillance systems: Video cameras can be used to view and record activity at the gate. The video surveillance system can be used in conjunction with the intercom system. This allows the identity of visitors to be visually confirmed before opening the gate.
  • Free exit devices: In many cases, it is desirable to have the gate open automatically when a vehicle exits the property. Devices that can be used to provide free exit include loop detectors, photoelectric beams, and pressure switches.
  • Post office and utility company access: The post office and many utility companies may require a means to enter through the gate. This usually requires the use of one or more key-operated switches that are keyed to the post office’s or utility company’s standard key.
  • Emergency access: Most fire departments and many law enforcement agencies require a means to gain access to your property through your gate at all times. Devices used to provide access can include key boxes (Knox Boxes), strobe or siren activated sensors, and radio receivers that can be activated by the emergency vehicle’s two-way radio.

Security Doors in Rawtenstall

As with all urban and city locations, safe and secure access to your property is incredibly important. The city presents a number of different challenges and requirements to a rural area, and as such the correct specification of security and fire door is vital. Crime and vandalism is an important consideration for homes and commercial properties in the Greater Manchester area, and we are proud to offer security doors that protect properties and provide peace of mind.

High Security Fire Exits

Standard Duty Steel Fire Exit Doors are a great solution for those needing an extremely secure fire door for their commercial or industrial property. With a standard issue centrally located crash bar, as well as security features like anti-jemmy bar lip, dog bolts, heavy duty hinges, drill/impact proof locks, reinforced fixing plates, etc, these types of doors offer the perfect compromise between high security steel door, and fire exit door.

12 Point Locking Steel Doors

For those who don’t require the fire exit door specifications, a normal high security steel door should do the trick. Similar to the Fire Exit door in security specification, this door features 12 point locks and level handles for ease of use. A range of colour and style options can be applied to most of our doors, ensuring they remain in keeping with the style and aesthetics of your property. For more information on any of our steel doors, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Window Grills in Rawtenstall

Are you looking for Window Grills & Security Doors? Here at Finch Group Ltd our aim is to ensure all areas of your premises are as safe and secure as possible. Using the highest quality steel in our own factory to produce Roller Shutters, Steel doors and High Speed doors to highest specification.

We are also able to supply and install:

– secure office door (super industrial use door with 12 point locking system, these will deter even the most eager of thieves)
– fire graded exit doors
– single and double window grilles (made to measure and designed for your specific requirements)

As with a lot of our installations, they are totally created for your exact requirements. If you feel that your needs cannot be met with an off-the-shelf product, contact is today for a bespoke solution, call 0161 524 4377.